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"My goal is to produce wines that are complex, elegant and balanced, wines that eloquently reflect the terroir of their vineyards"
Jerry Sass, Winemaker

Our Wines

2014 Sass Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

A big wine, yet still elegant and nuanced. Dark fruit (blackberry, black cherry) notes with elegant red-cherry brightness; white pepper spice and truffly earth underneath; fine tannin, silky texture, lingering finish. At harvest: Brix – 22.6-23.4; pH – 3.3-3.45; At bottling: alc. – 13.8; pH – 3.52. 3,500 cases made.

Price:    $22/bottle
2010 Sass Pinot Noir, Vieux Amis

Vieux Amis (“Old Friends”) is a blend from our two estate vineyards, Wild Winds and Walnut Ridge. Dark, juicy black raspberry with white pepper and earth on the nose, silky, mature tannin and great balance. An equal percentage of the best barrels from our two estate vineyards. At harvest: Brix – 21.8-23.2; pH – 3.28-3.45; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.55. 275 cases made. Featured at the 2013 International Pinot Noir Celebration.  300 cases made. VERY limited!

Price:    $46/bottle




2011 Sass Pinot Noir, Vieux Amis

Ripe raspberry and black cherry with wild cherry  from the start, teasing floral aromas, some peppery spice and silky texture. Tannins are mature and fine-grained, and the finish never seems to stop. It’ll age gracefully for years. All estate fruit. This is one of the most exciting wines I’ve ever made. Brix – 21.6-23.3 pH – 3.22-3.35; At bottling: alc. –  13.6;  pH – 3.50. 275 cases made.


Price:    $48/bottle
2012 Sass Pinot Noir, Vieux Amis

A muscular yet graceful wine with aromas and flavors of dark sweet cherry, black raspberry, earth and spice. The last of our special bottlings for 2012, this is a blend of our estate Walnut Ridge and Wild Winds vineyards. Fine, supple, mature tannins with great mouthfeel and balance. Brix – 22.8-23.8; pH – 3.36-3.48; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.55. 300 cases made.

Price:  $46/bottle
2012 Sass Pinot Noir, Walnut Ridge Vineyard

Deep aromas and flavors of blackberry, dark sweet cherry and earth. From a vintage that produced full-bodied, well-balanced wines, this is 100 percent from our Walnut Ridge  Vineyard. Fine-grained, mature tannins with great mouthfeel. Brix – 22.8-23.8; pH – 3.36-3.48; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.55. 100 cases made.

Price:  $46/bottle
2012 Sass Pinot Noir, Walnut Ridge Vineyard, Emma Block

This wine fills a room with its deep, dark-fruit, spicy, earthy aromatics. It’s the biggest wine we’ve made from our estate Walnut Ridge Vineyard, with flavors of black cherry, blackberry and truffles. Fine, smooth tannins, velvety texture and wonderful balance. Brix – 23.8; pH – 3.36; At bottling: alc. –  14.2;  pH – 3.56. 50 cases made.

Price:  $46/bottle
2015 Sass Chardonnay, Walnut Ridge Vineyard

Apple blossom with citrus, nice minerality and a persistent melon/guava undertone. Elegance and wonderful balance. Barrel-femented in neutral French oak and stainless steel. At harvest: Brix – 23.2; pH – 3.21; TA –6.3. At bottling: alc. – 13.6; pH – 3.24. 200 cases made. 


Price:  $26/bottle
2015 Sass Sauvignon Blanc, Walnut Ridge Vineyard

Grapefruit and pineapple with spicy minerality and floral aromas. Multi-layered with great balance. At harvest: Brix – 23.8; pH – 3.18; TA – 7.4. At bottling: alc. – 13.3; pH – 3.18. 80 cases made.

Price:    $19/bottle
2015 Sass Pinot Gris

Fruit from our estate vineyards, Wild Winds and Walnut Ridge. Flavors and aromas of apple, pear and pie spice finish with a bit of citrus zing. Fresh, bright, fruit-forward with mineral complexity. At harvest: Brix – 23.4-24; pH – 3.30-3.35; TA – 6-6.8  At bottling: alc. – 13.6; pH – 3.33. 850 cases made.

Price: $16/bottle
2014 Sass Pinot Blanc, Rogue Valley

Rich and racy, with pear, white peach, citrus peel, floral notes  and a touch of tropical richness. Silky texture; lingering finish. Fermented in neutral French oak barrels; lees stirred weekly during fermentation. At harvest: Brix – 21.8-22.8; pH – 3.35-3.37;  At bottling: alc. – 13.2; pH – 3.39. 190 cases made.

Price: $20/bottle

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