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"My goal is to produce wines that are complex, elegant and balanced, wines that eloquently reflect the terroir of their vineyards"
Jerry Sass, Winemaker

Wine Club

The Sass Wine Club.

Here’s how it works:

– Three times a year we send you two bottles of wine. You can also pick them up at the winery, but call or email us so we know you’re coming.

– We keep your shipping and credit card info in a secure file and simply send the wine through our shipping partner, Northwest Wines To You.

– We’ll send New Release White Wines in April; New Release Red Wines in September; and a Holiday Release around Thanksgiving. You get two bottles each time, but you can also increase the amount of wine in any increment of two.

– You’ll also get a 20 percent discount on all wine, free or reduced admission to events at the winery, and emailed winery news, including deep philosophical thoughts, occasional rants (ie. about birds or the weather) and pairings with food.

To join, contact us at

(If you’ve got ideas for a catchy club name, email us at


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